What is FlexiVision?

FlexiVision is a PC vision software for robot guidance that can be optionally supplied with FlexiBowl systems. FlexiVision, which is developed on Cognex vision library, supports multiple cameras and provides exceptional flexibility.  This system is compatible with large varieties of industrial robots including Techman.  FlexiVision quickly permits the development of FlexiBowl with no advanced programming competencies needed.

The main features offered with FlexiVision are below:
  • Dynamic control of all FlexiBowl functionalities (Acceleration, Speed, Angle, Flip)
  • Bulk feeder histogram control
  • Robot and camera calibration
  • Vision models of the parts
  • Coordinates to robot
  • Robot Pick & Place sequences
  • Robot communication control
  • Receipt management
  • Geometry and pattern matching

Flexibowl Software Plug-ins

FlexiBowl software plug-ins include FlexiBowl, robot, FlexiVision, and parts storage devices.

Simplify the communication, reduce the development costs, and benefit from all the capabilities and performances of the FlexiBowl with ars’ integration plug-in.  This plug-in is documented for a wide range of robots and PLC choices.

FlexiBowl supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Ethernet/IP communication protocols, and simple Digital I/O. It is compatible with all programming languages that support socket message communication.

FlexiBowl software plug-ins include all functionalities required to control FlexiBowl. They can be easily and quickly embedded into customer application software.

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