Robotize GoPal Accessories 

All of Robotize accessories are designed to work seamlessly with the GoPal Autonomous Robot and GoControl order handling software.

With GoPal, you get a fully integrated plug-and-play solution that is both safe and simple.

GoPal Pallet Station


The GoPal pallet station is available in different sizes to suit your palletized needs.  Simply place your pallet in the lower area of the GoPal pallet station and place your palletized goods on top.  The pallet station can be used as an individual station or in collaboration with expansion modules, as seen in the picture below.

Pallet Station

GoPal Pallet Station Expansion


The GoPal pallet station expansion makes it possible for you to group GoPal Pallet Stations more tightly for a smaller combined footprint. The condensed footprint allows you to place the pallets very close to each other, while the lower area of the pallet station lets you get as close as possible to the pallet. Simply place your pallet in the lower area of the GoPal pallet station and place your palletized goods on top. The GoPal will take care of the rest.

GoPal Elevation Pallet Station


The GoPal elevation pallet station with hydraulic lift is an integrated part of the GoPal system and is designed to offer stepless pallet positioning from floor height to table height. This allows for implementation in existing production setups and/or for ergonomically correct manual pallet loading/unloading. The station comes with a simple call button for pickup requests, is easy to install, and features a shielded lifting mechanism to ensure the highest possible employee safety.

GoPal Power Station 


The GoPal power station is designed for quick and fully automatic charging of the GoPal system. The station will complete a full charge in just 45 minutes and can be placed anywhere since LiFePO4 charging does not require special venting. To ensure that efficiency is maintained, the GoControl software can abort a charge if the robot is required for delivery.

GoPal Conveyor Pallet Station


The conveyor pallet station for GoPal is designed for seamless PLC interfacing with a traditional pallet conveyor system.  It is easy to install and enables the GoPal system to handle pallet transport in production setups with conveyor systems.  The conveyor pallet station is designed for industrial pallets and can carry 1500 kg.


GoPal Elevation Pallet Station


The elevation pallet station is suited for normal, half, and industrial EUR pallets, as well as US/UK pallets. Designed to be used as a workstation, usually at the end of the production line/end of a packaging line. The elevation pallet station comes with an operational panel, which makes it easy to move pallets up or down as well as calls for the robot to pick up the pallet. The elevation pallet station can be configurated manually, semi-automated, or fully automated. It can work with heavy-load pallets. The elevation pallet station is designed and produced to work seamlessly with all GoPal AMR.

GoPal Call Button


The GoPal call button is used to call for a GoPal transport.  To order the preconfigured transport simply press the button.  The light that illuminates the bottom will keep you informed about your order status. The GoPal call button can order up to 5 different transport orders from one device.

GoPal Warning Beacon


The GoPal warning beacon can be mounted on GoPal robots to make it more visible to its surroundings. As soon as the GoPal starts moving, the warning beacon will begin to emit a flashing green light.