Ars bulk feeders provide storage for bulk materials suited to feed small/medium-sized parts in a large range of applications. Parts are activated by a vibrating linear base that is matched with the Flexibowl system.

There is a variety of tank volumes available to enhance your manufacturing needs.  Tank volumes range from 1.5lt – 40lt.

All bulk feeders are made of INOX steel as a standard option and can be coated in polyurethane, depending on the necessities. All bulk feeders have standard and optional accessories.

Learn more about the bulk feeder options below.

Main dimensional characteristics for all bulk feeders.

Dim (mm)
A 350 530 630 760 780
B 65 135 135 180 260
C 90 140 140 220 280
D 320 350 350 350 375

Standard Bulk Feeder Options

Rear Door (Standard)

Quick emptying rear door

110 Vac /230 Vac Power Supply (Standard) 

Dual Control (Standard)

Microprocessor digital controller for the regulation of frequency and amplitude, with frequent visualization setup.

Optional Bulk Feeder Options

Hand Protector (Optional)

Hand safety

Gate (Optional)

A barrier dozer to regulate the flow.

Polyurethane Coating (Optional)

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