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Uchimura Robotics has joined the Shibaura Machine distribution network through their agreement with TM Robotics.

Shibaura Machine Logo

Shibaura Machine, which rebranded from the Toshiba Machine name in April 2020, has been manufacturing industrial robots throughout its seventy-year history – with speed, agility, and precision as their reputation. With six-axis, Cartesian, and the largest range of SCARA models on the market, this addition complements Uchimura Robotics’ existing collaborative robot lines, and ensures that our customers varied robotic automation needs are met.

We now carry the OnRobot Soft Gripper

We now carry OnRobot’s unique multiple use soft gripper. The gripper is food-grade certified and dishwasher-safe, and gently handles irregular shapes and delicate items like eggs, fruit, bottles or irregular-shaped items up to 2.2kg. It’s easy to implement on any leading robot, and there’s no air supply required; so no noise, no dust.